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Advanced Art Classes!

*NEW* Drawing & Painting Art Classes available!

Lincoln Photography has partnered with DC's leading visual artists to offer you the highest quality private art lessons in the area. We are excited to share this new venture with you!

Quick Decision Making for Quick Sketches

Learn to work quicker and let your mind and hand flow while sketching in short periods of time.

Capturing Essence of Moving Objects in your Drawing

Learn how to capture the essence of fleeting moments. Enhance the power of decision-making.

Incorporating People into your Landscape

Learn how to add people to your landscape to create a more vivid picture.

Building a Portfolio

This class will help identify from a variety of drawings and sketches and understand what has potential to become a more complete work or not. You will create a meaningful art portfolio, with a variety of media and better quality art pieces.

Critiquing Your Work: reviewing your past drawings and paintings

This class will help you to understand the pros and cons of past works in order to improve future art pieces.






*All purchases are non-refundable, and good for one year. Please sign up for your first class early to ensure a date that works for you!





1.5 hours



To purchase more than one class, or multiple sessions of a class:


2 classes



3 classes



4 classes



5 classes


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Looking for something else?


Custom classes are available.


Email to request a class tailored to fit your needs.



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