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Movement in Night Time Photography

This class is a hands-on composition class covering evening sunset and night time photography. Learn how to adjust ISO and shutter speed settings for getting ideal moon-lit shots of the WWII Memorial, Lincoln Memorial, and the Washington Monument.


We will cover:

ISO, shutter speed variation, low lighting exposure.

Basic rules of composition such (Rule of Thirds, negative space, horizons).



one person   $100


Each additional person:

$45 cash, $60 Venmo/Zelle. Additional attendees will pay separately once you've purchased the single person class above.


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How to Schedule a Class


Send me an email, or call or text me at 202-821-6072 and leave your name and the class name.


All we need to do is find an evening that is convenient for you!


Location: WWII Memorial (meet on the 17th Street side)


Duration: 1 hour


What you need: Your own camera (a DSLR or point and shoot). Tripods are helpful but not required.


Purchase the Night Time Photography Tour as a gift certificate!


*All purchases are non-refundable, and good for one year. Please sign up for your first class early to ensure a date that works for you!









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