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Intro to Photography Series


THESE ARE PRIVATE LESSONS, each lesson is one hour long. Best for DSLR cameras, MIRRORLESS cameras, and point-and-shoots with MANUAL capabilities.

Class Lineup


First Class :: Intro to Your Camera

Learn your cameras fundamental buttons, dials, and menus. We'll also cover exposure, metering, focusing, and more.

  • exposure basics + exposure compensation

  • how to hold your camera

  • auto focus vs. manual focus and when to use them

  • white balance

  • exploring "picture style"

  • other useful buttons and tips

Second Class :: Intro to Shutter Speed

Master your camera’s semi-manual shutter speed priority mode, and understand core concepts of photography such as:

  • shutter speed

  • the 0EV meter

  • motion blur

  • when to use Tv / S mode

  • continuing to learn about exposure

Third Class :: Intro to Aperture

Master your camera’s semi-manual aperture priority mode, and understand core concepts of photography such as:

  • aperture and exposure

  • f stops

  • depth of field

  • deep or shallow DoF

  • when to use Av / A mode

Fourth Class :: Intro to Composition (in the field guided practice)

Cover the basics of composing a great photograph,

Gain functional mastery of the modes and settings covered in Class 1 and apply basic rules of composition to your photos alongside your instructor.


  • rule of thirds,  framing,  horizon line, perspective

  • motion blur,  filling the frame, shadows

When  &  Where

I will email you a sign-up within a few days of your purchase.


Approximate locations (we'll discuss each location in-person):


Classes 1, 2, 3:  Dupont Circle

Class 4: Smithsonian Institution Garden

Class 5: Dupont Circle

Class 6: WWII Memorial on 17th Street

Class 7 & 8: Dupont Circle




"Which camera should I buy?"

My Camera Selection Pre-class can be purchased as a single class ($100) or as part of a series.

If you'd like to include this class as part of your series, the cost is the same as the per-class cost of whichever series you select. Just shoot me an email letting me know you'd like to add this on, and bring cash for the balance to your first class. I will email you a link to schedule your classes.



If you'd like to purchase this as a single class, please use the button below. I will email you a link to schedule your class within a few days of purchase.

Purchase the single pre-class: $100






Fifth Class :: Intro to Manual Mode

Master your camera’s full manual mode and proper exposure.

  • putting together everything you've learned so far

  • learn how to use your camera's 0EV meter to achieve proper exposure

  • understand what to expose for

  • Note: this class does not cover ISO. ISO is covered in Class #6 below.

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All classes listed are private lessons

scheduled according to your availability. 

*All purchases are non-refundable, and good for one year. Please sign up for your first class early to ensure a date that works for you!

Sixth Class :: Night Time Photography + ISO

Hands-on practice with your instructor to master taking photos in low lighting.

  • learn how to control your exposure for brilliantly lit night time photos

  • ISO - how it affects aperture, shutter speed, and your images

  • tripod recommended, but not required.

Seventh Class :: Intro to Editing with Lightroom

Learn the secrets of professional photographers' editing techniques with this *new* Lightroom Intro class!

  • workflow and organization

  • importing, sorting, and exporting

  • adjusting exposure,  cropping,  contrast

  • sharpening & noise reduction

  • vignetting

Gift Certificates

Use the PayPal links above to purchase the series for one or two people and request a gift certificate in the message box on the payment page.

Eighth Class :: Intro to Photoshop

Learn basic retouching techniques and how to apply them to your photos from classes 1-3.

  • layers,  color balance,  levels

  • how and when to crop,  layer opacity

  • clone tool

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